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    • Recount of the Visit to the Old Folks Home – by Michelle Lin (S2A)
      Recount of the Visit to the Old Folks Home   Old Folks home: Susana Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia By: Michelle [...]
    • A Surprise for My Beloved Teacher – by Michelle Lin (S2A)
      给老师一个惊喜   下个星期五是教师节。我们班上的同学都同意给老师一个惊喜。但是我们做的惊喜是给我们的华文老师,她是我们亲爱的李老师。我们要给我们的华文老师一个惊喜是因为我们在中一时,李老师每一天都会刻苦耐劳的教我们。有次她生病了,她还来学校教我们。 每次我们没有听话的时候,她都会骂我们。但是我们知道老师骂我们是为了我们好。老师要我们长大后成为爸爸妈妈的骄傲。今年,我们全班同学都要给老师一个惊喜。昨天我们到蛋糕店买了一个大的巧克力蛋糕,上面写着“祝您教师节快乐!”我们也做一张卡片,我们写道: 亲爱的李老师: 感谢您的支持和教导。 千言万语汇成一句话:“老师,感谢!” 祝您教师节快乐! 然后我们会去买给老师一份礼物。 林秀华 Michelle Lin Singapore International School Pantai Indah Kapuk Secondary 2A [...]
    • HMCA 13th Session is now in order – by Fredeline Rosselyn Suganda (S4B)
      HMCA 13th Session is now in order by Fredeline Rosselyn Suganda (S4B)   HONG KONG- 650 delegates, 70 faculty advisors, [...]
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    Our Vision is to empower learners to achieve their full potential from a world-class, well rounded and innovative educational experience, here at SISPIK.

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    Our Mission is to create a culture based on our shared values to promote learning communities that:

    • Work collaboratively in order for our learners to excel academically
    • Encourage the perseverance and pursuit of personal goals ethically and with integrity
    • Endorse and uphold strong family values
    • Encourage creativity and physical development of our learners in partnership with our neighbors
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