A Successful Fundraiser

January 29, 2016
Colourful clothes, toys and teddy bears were swiftly organised onto canteen tables on the morning of Friday, January 29th, as the SISPIK prefects prepared for an onrush of customers. The garage sale was about to begin.
The prefects’ garage sale was successful in several ways. Most importantly, this event raised over 5.8 million towards Habitat for Humanity – the money will be used towards building a home for a less fortunate family.
However, it was just as heart-warming to see the primary prefects, who had volunteered, working hard with their secondary prefect buddies; to see the wide-eyed giggling preschool students each clutching a carefully-chosen tiny teddy; and to see the look of pride on the prefects’ faces when they were done.
Thank you to families who donated items, purchased items. and to both secondary and primary prefects who donated their time to make this event a success.



Donation to Chennai Flood VictimsXS Project