Educational Philosophy

  • Educational Philosophy

    Education is a combination of many skill sets. There are those that are blessed with an mind that can lock facts, figures and formula’s in their heads, there are those that think innovatively and ask questions that extend their knowledge base and then there are those that may struggle, academically, but have qualities that endear themselves to classmates, teachers and family.


    Here at SISPIK, we embrace all the talents and virtues of our students. We do not ‘stream’ students, we encourage students to discuss and question each other and their teachers. Everyone has a talent and at SISPIK we encourage you to use that talent(s) in a positive manner.


    Our Vision is to empower learners to achieve their full potential from a world-class, well rounded and innovative educational experience, here at SISPIK.


    Our Mission is to create a culture based on our shared values to promote learning communities that:

    • Work collaboratively in order for our learners to excel academically
    • Encourage the perseverance and pursuit of personal goals ethically and with integrity
    • Endorse and uphold strong family values
    • Encourage creativity and physical development of our learners in partnership with our neighbors


    These, along with fostering critical thinking skills necessary to adapt to a changing World, are our simple yet powerful philosophies that make SISPIK a very unique School of Learning.