Head Teacher's Message

  • Welcome From The Head Teacher

    With 38 years of experience as both a teacher and Senior Administrator in Schools throughout Asia and Australia, I am very pleased and honored to say that SISPIK is the most dynamic and caring School that I have had the pleasure to be part of.

    SISPIK has a reputation for providing a positive, caring environment, which promotes and celebrates endeavor and the pursuit of excellence.

    We pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive, friendly and compassionate school. We have a happy relaxed community atmosphere that fosters a strong and active partnership between students, staff, parents, other Schools and the local community.

    With renovations being completed we see the new Junior College Area of the School as a great introduction for our students, to the environment and responsibilities that will be required by when they enter University.

    The new Playground area that is enjoyed by all students has been a welcome attraction as is the new auditorium and freshly renovated Multi-Purpose Hall. This constant energy from the Board to bring new resources into the students’ lives shows the caring that begins at the grassroots, flows all the way to the top.

    Our SISPIK Community are very generous and quick to respond to the plight of others in less fortunate circumstances. We accept that there are others less fortunate than ourselves and we recognize that is our responsibility to help. I am very proud to say the SISPIK Community is very generous, in this Department.

    Of course academics success is a very important component of what we strive to achieve success in. With outstanding IGCSE results and Checkpoint results we have sent students to Universities in the USA, Singapore, Australia, China and Great Britain. Our Alumni have done us proud and I am sure that those who following their footsteps will bring continued success to their families, their own self and to the School that gave them the solid foundation on which to build their sense of knowledge and ethical work.

  • Mr Michael Preston M Ed. B.A. Dip T. Dip TEFL