• Parents Testimonial

    • This is a little input on our experience in sispik preschool, and thank you for everything.
      My daughter, Aubrey Kathleen Chen first joined sispik during her Nursery 2, she is now in Primary One.
      During her preschool time, we saw huge improvements in her academic and social skills.
      The subjects taught are quite comprehensive and well tailored for the kids age. Good balance between fun, learning and discipline.
      We like how involved the vice principal is in the students day to day activity. The teachers also seemed to be genuinely care about the students well-being.
      We are also happy with the way the school enforce the security side.

      Catherine Surya
      Aubrey Kathleen Chen | P1D - Brave
    • My first daughter was a shy and quiet little girl when she first entered K1 in 2013. Within a few months, she was completely a changed person. Her english, chinese and writing skills were greatly improved. Most importantly, she started gaining confidence, lots of it! She was able to make new friends easily, and proudly perform in front of other people. I was truly amazed. I still am.

      My second daughter is the loud and active one, but only at home. She had serious separation anxiety when she entered school in August. She cried every morning and somedays she refused to go to school. Thanks to her teachers’ patience, the crying session is over now. She is still not her real self, but I can tell that she is starting to feel comfortable at school.

      It was definitely one of the best decisions that I made for sending my children to SIS-PIK preschool. It offers the right balance of academic performance and an environment where children feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

      Listia Ardi Wirawan
      Jovania & Jovaline
    • As this P1 school year approaches its mid-point and Sammy continues to improve, and struggle at times, we remember all the great work you and your teachers did in preparing him for his entry to primary. Obviously Sammy has special needs, being on the Autism Spectrum, but he is also in many ways just a normal child that needs to be motivated to perform in class and study at home. We sincerely appreciate the hard work and gentle approach you all had with Sammy being the first Autistic student in your school. You found the ways to inspire him to work and learn. With that dedication and care to help him, and us, he is doing better in this first year of primary. Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing, but with your continued guidance, we hope the primary staff would have the same successful impact.
      We just wanted to take this opportunity to send you our thanks in helping Sammy grow. You strategized a specific plan for him, and carried it out day by day, while making adjustments along the way; and it did pay off. He is on his way. Thank you for that.
      Let’s not forget you all had our Lily also a few years earlier, and she of course is now towards the top of her P5 class. You and SIS-PIK are doing absolutely wonderfully, keep up the excellent work.

      Eric & Linh Rebarber
      Sammy & Lilly