HMCA 13th Session is now in order - by Fredeline Rosselyn Suganda (S4B)

January 18, 2017

HMCA 13th Session is now in order

by Fredeline Rosselyn Suganda (S4B)


HONG KONG- 650 delegates, 70 faculty advisors, 60 schools, 14 countries.

On January 5, we all congregated at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) campus, having researched key issues and reviewed briefings prepared by the Harvard student staff. Hong Kong, standing at the very center of historic change in Asia, is no doubt  a fitting place for a conference that demands delegates to consider the continent’s past, present, and future.

HMC Asia is a rigorous government simulation event for international students organized by Harvard undergraduate students. During HMC Asia, students assume roles of real-life congressional legislators, U.S. government leaders and members of major international organizations such as the European Union, World Health Organization, World Bank, and the likes.They are challenged to expand their own perspectives by exploring the deeper complexities of the issues at hand. The students were actively engaged throughout the conference in scenarios based on contemporary international disputes and must work together to forge solutions through diplomatic, judicial, legislative and journalistic exercises.

Attending the 13th Session of Model Congress Asia, is without a doubt, an honor for 18 SIS PIK  Secondary 3 and 4 students. Some have MUN experience, others are beginners. Regardless, everyone had an experience of the premier government simulation facilitated by Harvard students. Our students were assigned in different domestic and international committees debating on the various political and government issues using parliamentary procedures. Quite a number of them have authored bills and resolutions together with other delegates from other schools and countries, which were deliberated in the committees and were presented to the summit for approval. Most of these bills/resolutions were passed by a majority vote.

We are proud of Joanna Tasmin (S4B) of the House Space, Science and Technology committee and William Johnson Usman (S3C) representing the Philippines in the World Health Organisation for having received an Honorable Mention certificate during the closing ceremonies.
When we left on January 8, we brought with us a new understanding of government, of the challenges that face Asia and the world, of public speaking in English, of debate and compromise, and of our own positions on the issues.


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