IT MATTERS TO THEM - By Christine Wijaya (Secondary 4)

September 02, 2016

Respect the old when you are young; Help the weak when you are strong; Confess the fault when you are wrong; Because you will be old, weak and wrong.”

The success of one’s life can be measured in different ways, and with this particular group of students, the HAPPY PEOPLE organisation is indeed an accomplishment to be celebrated. A variety of activities can be conducted to fill in our empty schedules but doing something that gives back to the society, has not always been popular. Following the footsteps of many inspiring people, a group of students from Sec 4D has created, “Happy People” – a youth organisation with an objective to regain the smiles of the elderly put in nursing homes or old folks home without getting visited by their children, alongside with wanting to be a role model, an example, to the coming generations.

On the 2nd of September, the Happy People Organisation went for their first visit to“Panti Werdha Wisma Mulia”. 5.5 million was raised by secondary 4D themselves! – think about how much a school can raise. From this money, adult diapers, toiletries, amenities, food and many more were purchased. On the day itself, the students sang together with the old folks, performed for them, conducted games, gave them food, and most importantly, they interacted with them, lending an ear for their stories which has remained untold for a long time.

The visit to the nursing home was undoubtedly one of the most heart-touching activity we’ve done yet.



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