IB Diploma Course Selection at SIS PIK

  • IB Diploma Course Selection at SIS PIK

    IB Diploma Programme

    SIS PIK is authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme. Our course offerings enrich students’ critical understanding, expressive creativity, and reasoned actions in their world. The IB Diploma Programme offers a world-class preparation for university and is well recognized and highly rated by post-secondary institutions and systems around the world. Upon graduation, students will be able to approach the world effectively with multiple perspectives and rich, interdisciplinary understanding.

    Students choose courses in the following IBDP subjects

    Studies in Language and Literature

    • English A: language and literature
    • Indonesian A: language and literature

    Language Acquisition

    • Chinese B
    • Indonesian B
    • English B

    Individuals and Societies

    • Business Management
    • Economics
    • Information Systems in a Global Society

    Experimental Sciences

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics


    • Mathematical Studies
    • Mathematics Standard Level
    • Mathematics Higher Level