Recount of the Visit to the Old Folks Home - by Michelle Lin (S2A)

February 23, 2017

Recount of the Visit to the Old Folks Home


Old Folks home: Susana Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia

By: Michelle Lin


On the 11th of February, we( Ms.Audrey, Ms.Liza, Caroline from Sec 3 and myself from Sec 2) went to an old folks home which is Susana Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia. When we arrived there, we saw old folks from all different religion and different age all together as one. They were interacting as if they were family. When I went in the building, the peoples in charge were very thankful we came. It seems to me that this old folks home has no donations from other people. We all know that old folks are not allowed to eat sweets food yet we saw the old folks getting a packet full of sweets. Later, we gave out the small food that is appropriate for old people. There were some old people that has sickness that made them different from their true self. When Ms.Audrey and Ms.Liza were giving out the small snack I notice that some of their clothes were ripped. This old folks home are desperate for donations and they get when they were given. Caroline also went to distribute the snack but she noticed that the stairs are very slippery. At the very end of our visit, we were thanked by both the old folks and the people in charge. I think that this is an eye-opening experience and I hope that I can do more for these people.

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