Rubik's Cube Competition - by Eugene Pirono (S3B)

March 17, 2017

Rubik’s Cube Competition


On the 2nd of March, some students participated in a Rubik’s Cube Competition hosted by our fellow SIS Kebon Jeruk. Participants came to school early in the morning to catch their transportation and managed to reach the venue on time. Some of the competitors had joined last year’s event and there were also new primary students that joined for the very first time. When we reached there, they gave us a warm welcome by taking us around the school.

Being the earliest to reach there compared to other SIS, they let us join their math day event where groups of people or “houses of different colour” played in game like solving puzzles, quiz and tricky math problems. The time has come for the Rubik’s competition to commence, we warmed up to get our hands fast and ready. We practiced with each other, by performing all sets of move or Algorithms. The event is finished and we were done for the day, SIS PIK managed to bring home 4 thropy and broke the SIS Record for solving the Rubik’s Cube in the fastest time. A huge shoutout for Steven Wang Sec 3, for breaking the SIS record and doing an excellent job which is not easy at all.
In overall, we all did a great job participating and bringing the name of the school into glory.

Eugene Pirono


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