SIS PIK Pre-School Teacher's Day Celebration

September 09, 2016

A very warm greeting from Nursery 2 Love! We are glad to share with you the Teachers Day Celebration. On Friday, 9th September 2016 we had a celebration with all the teachers in SIS PIK. First, we had an assembly in the library with all Preschool levels. Instead of listening to the teacher teaching, we had a chance to listen to our teacher’s childhood story.

We had Ms. Anggi, to share her experience. She is Indonesian. When she was a young child, her teacher always gave her worksheets to do. From all the worksheets that she received, all she could do was only scribbling. As time went by, she learnt how to trace and how to write nicely and neatly. From Ms. Anggi’s story, we know that we should not complain if the teachers give us a lot of things to do because they help us improve to be better.

Then, we had Ms. Doreen to tell us her story. She is Filipino. When she was a child, there was no Ipad, cellphone, or computer. She just played together with her friends. She played hide and seek, picked the leaves to play pretend cooking activity, played bicycles. They had so much fun. From Ms. Doreen’s story, we need to go and play outside, not only play with the Ipad or any other gadgets.

Last but not least, we had Du Li Lao Shi to share her experience. When she was a child, she had to go to school by herself. No cars, no buses or taxis will take her to school. She walked from home to school with her friends. Lesson that we learnt, we should be thankful that we have our parents or somebody to take us to school.

After the sharing, we had a guessing game. There were photos of the Preschool teachers with some body parts covered up. We had to guess who that was.

As soon as we finished the assembly, the prefects on duty were waiting for us to bring the students up to MPH. We had so much fun at the MPH. We can see the teachers in costumes. Wow, that’s a rare occasion. Some of the secondary and primary children performed songs and dances for the teachers. We even had teachers’ games.

All the activities on teachers day were so much fun! Happy Teachers Day to all SISPIK teachers!


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