Tiny Hands, Tremendous Heart

March 31, 2016

P2-Mini Bazaar Project

This year we raised 50 million 309 thousand rupiahs and it was a grand success. All the proceeds were donated to two places first we donated 70% to the Orphonage Panti Asuhan Bersinar (Ciracas) and 30% to the Pondak Ozanam (Tanjung Priok) which is an organization run by nuns. It is an organization which runs, ‘school for needy children’ of all ages. This time class mothers were involved and helped to buy the things we needed for the donation. We donated the following items to the orphanage: big bookshelf, folding tables, plastic cupboards, plastic chairs, study chairs, rice, green bean, sugar, Ovaltine, cooking oil, instant noodles, biscuits nyam nyam , sardines, corned beef, biscuits malkist, spoons, socks and under wear.

The class mums along with teachers Ms Uma, Ms Carly, Ms Analyn, Ms Yessy and P2-70 students handed over the things to the person in- charge of the Orphanage.

We donated the following items, big bookshelf, folding tables, and cartons of milk to the Pondak Ozanam.

Ms Tienny, Ms Susie, Ms Yani, Ms Eacy, Ms Lenny, Ms Evelyn, Ms Mary, Ms Natalie, Ms Suhartini, Ms Uma, and 2 student representatives from each class along with Ms Maria handed over the things to Ms Elsa who is the sister- in- charge of Pondok Ozanam.

Our hard work was very much appreciated by our Principal Mr. Michael Preston.

They were very thankful and overwhelmed with our donations. Our P2 children with their tiny hands could make a difference to those needy children with a very big heart. They also interacted with them sang a song for them and played marble games and local games with them. The children from Asuhan sang three songs for us. It was simply fantastic!!!

I hereby congratulate and thank all the P2 level parents for their overwhelming generosity and motivation that they have given to their children in involving themselves in the project.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


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