Admission Info

  • Admission Info


    • Parents / Candidates need to make an appointment with the Enrollment Officer.

              Ms. Ilfa Fiyanara / Ms. Juli Liannah

              +62 21 588 3835 /

    • Parents / Candidates fill up the Enrollment Form and submit the Enrollment Form with the Additional Documents needed.
    • Registration Fee must be submitted before or on the same day during the Admissions Test.
    • Admissions Test will be held due to Candidates availability, test will include Interview with the Head Teacher for Pre-school Candidates (N1, N2, K1 & K2), English and Math Test for Primary 1 & Primary 2 Candidates, and English, Math & Science Test for Primary 3 until Junior College 2 Candidates. The purpose of the test is to provide insight into the student’s academic profile.

    Registration Documents

    To be given upon registration :

    • Completed Enrollment Form.
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (Color) = 1 set.
    • Copy of Student’s Passport (Color) = 1 set.
    • Copy of Family Card (Color) = 1 set.
    • Copy of Student’s Health Book (Color) = 1 set.
    • Copy of Parent’s ID Card / KTP (Color) = 1 set.
    • Copy of Academic Report Book from Previous School (Color) = 1 set.

              * For K1 : N2 Report Book (if available)

              * For K2 : N1 Report Book

              * For P1 : K1 & K2 Report Book

              * For P2 – P6 : Report Book of Previous Levels (Last 3 Years)

              * For Secondary and Junior College : Report Book of Previous Levels (Last 3 Years)

    • Student’s photo size 4×6 (passport size, color) :

              * For N1 – K2 : 5 pcs (Any background)

              * For P1 – JC2 : 1 pcs (Red background)

    To be given after the student is accepted :

    • Transfer Letter from Previous School acknowledge by Local Government. (Surat mutasi siswa keluar dari sekolah asal yang ditanda tangani lengkap oleh Dinas Pendidikan setempat).
    • Form 8355 from Previous School. (Daftar Murid dari Sekolah Asal).
    • Copy of Previous School’s Operational License. (Fotokopi surat Akreditasi Sekolah Asal).
    • Copy of Previous School’s Accreditation Certificate. (Fotokopi surat Akreditasi Sekolah Asal).
    • Copy of Student’s National Exam Certificates. (Fotokopi Sertifikat Ujian Nasional Siswa). *For Secondary and Junior College Only
    • Student’s Original National Report Book. (Raport Nasional yang Asli Pelajar).
    • Certificate of Good Conduct. (Surat Keterangan Berkelakuan Baik dari Sekolah Asal).
    • Appeal Letter to SIS PIK, Sign on IDR 6.000 revenue stamp. (Surat Permohonan Masuk Sekolah SIS PIK yang di Tanda Tangani di atas Materai).

    For Non-Indonesian Students :

    • Copy of Parents Passport (Color) = 1 set. (Fotokopi Passport Orang Tua).
    • Copy of Parents KITAS (Color) = 1 set. (Fotokopi KITAS Orang Tua).
    • Copy of Student’s KITAS / VISA (Color) = 1 set. (Fotokopi KITAS / VISA Pelajar).

    Refund Policy :

    The registration Fee (one-time) is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    The development Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Tuition Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable if the student has attended school at any time during that semester. In the event that the student has not attended school in a particular semester, prepaid tuition will be refunded.