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    College Counselor

    We seek to appoint an enthusiastic and highly motivated College Counselor in our Secondary School to support students applying for Universities. Through the role you will inspire, challenge, support and empower students and staff to achieve all they can be, really embodying the Towards Greater Heights ethos.

    We are looking for candidates who have a strong knowledge of university admission requirements from a range of countries including the US and UK. Candidates must also be highly effective communicators with parents, students, teachers, administrators, admissions officers. 

    College Counseling duties:

    • Academic pathway guidance for students and parents individually, in groups and at student/parent evenings
    • Generating transcripts and completing course changes using PowerSchool
    • Organizing and conducting university meetings and information evenings
    • Hosting visits by university representatives
    • Networking and representing SIS-PIK to universities around the world
    • Writing effective counselor recommendations for students and completing supporting documents required for university applications
    • Helping to facilitate faculty recommendation letters

    Please send a CV summarizing experience and strengths and submit to HR via email to  Please include: your contact details, a recent photograph, your Skype address and the email addresses of two professional referees. A letter of application / personal statement explaining your suitability for the position you have applied for should be included.  


    Primary English Teacher 

    We seek to appoint an experienced Primary English teacher who is able to teach both ESL and First Language speakers with skill and confidence.  We are looking for candidates with a track record for improving grammar and writing.  Our students are excited to learn, and acquire language very quickly.   


    Primary Math Teacher

    We seek to appoint an experienced Primary Math teacher who has a passion for teaching Math, and can make the subject rigorous but also enjoyable.  The right candidate will have experience teaching the Singapore Curriculum, and understand how to improve math scores for our hardest working students.  


    Secondary English Teacher

    We seek to appoint an experienced Secondary English teacher who is able to work as part of a team to further improve standards of learning and teaching for all.  We are looking for candidates with Cambridge experience, and a proven track record for delivering excellent Checkpoint results.  Our students are hard workers, and require a teacher who can meet their thirst for knowledge.

  • Thank you for your interest in joining the faculty of the Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk campus. Our campus is situated in an affluent area of North Jakarta and is fully supported by the local community. The students, teachers and staff come from various backgrounds and cultures.
  • Please find below a link to the booklet that is designed to help provide information about the school’s organization, general living and working conditions, and all relevant matters which may assist your decision to join our faculty.


  • Please email your Resume / Curriculum Vitae;

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