Debate Competition - by Thibault (Sec3C)

March 02, 2017

Debate Competition


I think we were very privileged and lucky to have been part of this exceptional contest. It helped me learn so much about public speaking and taught me so much about how to speak in front of other people and helped me find passion and excitement in debating. I think this offered me a new look at the world of debating because I am used to using the Asian Parliamentary System in my debates, and using the British Parliamentary System was very challenging and exciting.

Through this event I met a lot of new people and made multiple new friends. This really gave me a lot of motivation to go to more debates in the future because I really like meeting new friends and facing new challenges. I really encourage others will join this competition next year and experience the amazing experience my friends and I experienced as I believe this will be beneficial and interesting for secondary students.

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