Harvard Model Congress Asia 2018

January 09, 2018

Harvard Model Congress Asia 2

It’s not important about what you know before the conference, but what matters is who you become after the conference.


Delegates from SIS-PIK during the closing ceremony

 “Hello! I am Grace from the Media Committee and today, I would like to request for a moderated caucus with the topic of sharing your own experiences during this year’s Harvard Model Congress Asia with a total time of 15 minutes and interventions of 1 minute.”

“All delegation in favor of this motion, please raise your placard.”

“By a unanimous vote of 30-0, this motion passes.”


Congregating with hundreds of delegates from 17 different countries and 50 schools across Asia, discussing and cooperating with one another despite the differences in lifestyles, cultures and beliefs, is no doubt a great way to start the new year.

Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA) is a global conference where delegates play the role of the government and several international political bodies. It strives to educate and foster the next generation of global leaders by bringing together hundreds of high school students from across Asia, fostering intelligent and thoughtful debates on a multitude of issues that the government and international organizations face in the 21st century.

Being able to attend the 14th session of this congress is definitely an invigorating experience; needless to say the amount of knowledge gained and the memories that were made. As a participant in the Media Committee, HMCA has been especially exceptional; I got to learn so much more than what I would have learned if I participated as a delegate in any other committee as I had the chance to not only interact with the people in my committee, but also with the different delegates from different committees.

However, no matter what committee we chose to be in, everyone had equal fun:

  • Patricia Tanujaya (S4B) got the chance to play the role of Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Presidential Cabinet Committee.
  • William Johnson Usman (S4C), Frederick William Hartono (S4A), Raymond Wijaya (S4D) and Thibault Andi Rousseaux (S4C) had the chance to be members of the World Health Organization discussing and proposing solutions on traditional medicine and vaccines.
  • Jennifer Lim (JC1) and Patrice Yang (S3B) had roles in the United Nations Human Rights Council, discussing and proposing solutions on the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti and the Sri Lankan Civil War.
  • Gabriel Russell Umboh (S4A) played a role in the House Intelligence, discussing and proposing solutions on returning jihadists and radicalization.
  • Brian Megadyanto (S4A) and Nicholas Sugandi (S4A) each has roles in the United Nations Security Council, discussing and proposing solutions on the situation and update in Burundi, and water rights in India and Pakistan.
  •        Stanley Sebastian Salim (S4C) and Yosua Tan (S4C) had roles in the FIFA committee, discussing and proposing solutions on migrant workers in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and corruption.
  • Nicole Rusli (S4C) and myself were part of the Media Committee tasked to become journalists for three days, taking pictures and writing articles on what was happening in all the committees; whether it is Donald Trump suddenly interrupting the European Union meeting or the international summit passing a bill.

World Health Organization delegates discuss possible solutions when tasked to solve the situation of a flu crisis, having already affected 60 millions in the US.


After saying goodbye to the conference, we left happily with a more nuanced understanding of government, improved public speaking abilities, learned the importance of respectful debate and compromise, widened our perspective and worldviews and have even gained insights into solutions that have yet to be proposed in the real world. We are proud to bring home three honorable mentions; Gabriel Russell Umboh of House Intelligence, Patrice Yang of United Nations Human Rights Council and myself from the Media Committee.

I would like to present my greatest gratitude to everyone who has made this conference a truly amazing and inspiring experience.


Make new friends, but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold.

CCA Term TwoMusic and I – by Michelle Lin (S3A)