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    Welcome to SIS PIK.

    SIS PIK focuses on students’ personal growth and academic excellence. In our holistic education approach, Art is an integral aspect in our children’s development. We believe that Arts and Crafts is a very important element in our life.

    In SIS PIK, Arts and Crafts is incorporated in all of our subjects. This is reflected in our students’ Interdisciplinary Projects known as the IDP where students in groups create science posters, travel magazines, websites, sculptures and much more. Students can also express their creativity and artistic skills in school events that involves poster making, creating decoration from recyclable materials, stall designs and a variety of art performances.

    For the Art and Design curriculum, our school is implementing Syllabus from the Singapore Ministry of Education. From Preschool to Primary level, students are learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics. They are exposed to many of the motions involved in the creation of art, activities such as painting, scribbling with crayons, using scissors to cut papers into variety of shapes, which are important skills in defining young children’s fine motor skills development. When they proceed into higher level or Upper Primary, activities such sculpting, supervised cutting using box cutter knives and creating designs using concepts are further introduced to students. This is a great way to develop their decision-making and language skills.

    After they graduate from Primary and move on to the Secondary Level we change our focus, more to the understanding of Art, rather than introduction of skills. In this level, our school still sets its curriculum based on the Singapore Ministry of Education Syllabus for Secondary 1 and 2. Students are getting more exposure to both local Indonesian and international artists and designers. Students are learning to evaluate art pieces and try to understand concepts behind their creation. Through our Arts and Crafts lesson program we are helping our students to be more culturally aware, finding similarities in different cultures and embracing differences. We encourage students to be innovative, to be a risk taker, to express themselves in Art. For Secondary 3 and 4 we offer the Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design Syllabus, only for students who are interested in pursuing their higher education in Art and Design or applying the discipline and approach in Art and Design into their other studies.