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    Since we launched our school charity SISwa Peduli Bangsa, so many things have happened!

    Our children put their hearts into creating a very special performance at the Ciputra Theatre for our Musical Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih & Bawang Bombay on the 10th September 2017.  This was our very first fundraising event and the official launch for our charity.

    One of our very first projects was to help SDN Oematmuti in Kupang in NTT.  A small group of students went to visit the school over October break in 2017.  For many of them, it was a life changing experience.  A chance to see the village, the school and to meet the children.  Our students played games and taught English to the local children. The school; SDN Oematmuti was barely more than a classroom.  The walls were falling apart and much of the furniture was broken or missing.  Our school charity SISwa Peduli Bangsa desperately wanted to do more to help.

    SISwa Peduli Bangsa has committed to build two new classrooms for the children at SDN Oematmuti   However, this project has proved to be very challenging.  The village is very poor and very isolated.  The village does not even have access to water.  Families must walk a long way to collect water each day.  Unfortunately, construction of the classrooms will require a lot of water to mix the concrete.  Before the classrooms can even be built, a large supply of water is needed.   To tackle this problem, it was decided that a well must be built.  The well would not only help build the classrooms, but also provide water for the village

    Digging the well has also proven to be a learning process.  Although the local villagers were keen to be involved in the project, they could not help dig the well.  In the dry season, the people of the village struggle to find enough to eat each day.   Understanding the dilemma faced by the villagers, SISwa Peduli Bangsa provided rice, eggs, indomei, even coffee and sugar to the villagers.  The digging of the well began!

    After many months and set backs, we finally hit the water table, and the well is filling!  I cannot share with the joy and happiness of the people of Oematmuti.  They see the well as an incredible gift.  The water in the well is very clean, and provides excellent drinking water.   

    Now that the well is completed, construction of the classrooms will start.  After the classrooms, the next project for the village will be to improve food security.  The land around the school will be used to plant crops to help feed the villagers.  Our goal is to create a sustainable food supply.  By providing the village the means to produce food, for example; mango trees, cassava plants and chickens for eggs, we will be able to create lasting change to the village.  The legacy of SISwa Peduli Bangsa will be felt by future generations.

    SISwa Peduli Bangsa is also helping the children in Paga village in Maumere NTT.  The initiative “One Student, One Shoe” has raised so much money that SISwa Peduli Bangsa has ordered over 500 quality shoes from PT. Bata.  The children from Paga village will be able to walk and play safely at school.  In July 2018, the children of Oematmuti in Kupang NTT will also receive a pair of shoes and socks.   Watching the children, and seeing their eyes light up with delight will be an incredible experience.

    I want to thank everyone in our school community who has contributed to the SISwa Peduli Bangsa charity. Ticket sales of our Musical, the Eradication of Poverty Day, the Halloween Carnival, the Family Day Bazaar, the P2 Bazaar, not to mention the many other fund raising activities that have contributed to allowing our students to bring real change and improve the lives of the children in the remote areas of NTT.  I am so incredibly proud of our student body and how they have committed to helping those less fortunate than themselves.  SISwa Peduli Bangsa is creating real change, and making a difference to our world.


    This is a very special project.  It is our chance to give back to Indonesia, and I thank our entire SISPIK community for their generosity and support.