Physical Education

  • Physical Education

    Physical Education in SIS PIK is not “free play”. It is planned, structured, differentiated, and based on a sound methodology that allow for progression by all students on all levels – in a non-tress, fun environment. Establishing a sound, efficient movement skill foundation is of ultimate importance, since it ensures correct walking/running form (fundamental to all activities of daily living), and provides for several skills related to safety (reaction time, coordination, safe landing after jumping, breaking a fall, adequate strength of arms and legs, etc.).



    The games and activities for learning and practicing these skills are also designed to teach good sportsmanship (working together, waiting one’s turn, not laughing at others, being a good winner as well as loser, helping others, playing by the rules, and many more important “life skills”). By stressing these concepts and explaining its relation to the objectives of Physical Education, as well as incorporating the theoretical and technical information underlying what constitutes a healthy lifestyle (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, etc.),

    Our Physical Education aims to provide the opportunity for our students to gain knowledge, ask questions, and think about what/why they are learning. Playing with others (whether in competition or in small groups for fun) afford students an environment that requires them to learn to communicate, have principles, take risks, be open-minded, and to care for others.