Preschool Curriculum

  • Preschool Curriculum

    SIS Pantai Indah Kapuk (SIS PIK) uses a fun yet comprehensive and progressive curriculum which comprise a range of activities which invite active participation and co-operative learning, provide opportunities for problem-solving and exploration, and allow for learning through play.

  • The ALPHABET of SISPIK Pre-School

    • Always
    • Learning through
    • Play, and
    • Hands-on
    • Activities in a
    • Balanced and
    • Engaged
    • Teaching environment


    The curriculum has been developed based on the principles outlined in the Nurturing Early Learners Framework developed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore.

    Our Nursery 1 and 2, Kindergarten 1 and 2 children enjoy a comprehensive thematic and integrated curriculum across 6 learning areas:

    • Language and Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Discovery of the World
    • Aesthetics and Creative Arts
    • Motor Skills
    • Social and Emotional Development.

    In order for our children to achieve these learning goals, teachers plan appropriate and varied learning experiences as well as provide conducive and stimulating learning environment.

    Teachers also instill moral values and teach our children to take care of and protect themselves so that they can enjoy a sense of competence and find fulfilment in building meaningful interactions and relationships with peers and adults.

    To tailor and extend learning experiences to match children’s needs, our teachers observe, document and monitor their development and progress, using developmental checklists, observation records, work samples and photographs. Such records are updated termly and shared with parents in the form of Student’s Portfolio and Progress Reports.

    Our curriculum also places emphasis on the progressive development of language skills and basic Numeracy concepts essential for a successful transition to formal learning in Primary level.

    The Preschool experiences provided are also designed to help your child develop self-confidence, the sense of independence and social skills to relate well with others.

    Our ultimate aim is to develop enthusiastic and confident learners who are future-ready for school and adult life.

    SISPIK Preschool prides itself on making the preschool experience both memorable and enjoyable while providing the young minds with lifelong abilities to learn and provide creative solutions to everyday life problems. Through our creative curriculum and dedicated staff who is passionate about imparting positive attributes to the people we come in contact with, SIS PIK Preschool holds strong in its promise to deliver a holistic education – physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.