Primary Curriculum

  • Primary Curriculum

    SIS Primary Curriculum

    The SIS Primary curriculum primarily adopts the Singapore system which focuses on the three learning domains; Life Skills, Knowledge Skills and Content Based Learning which ensures the acquisition of knowledge, values, mastery and competency to enable students to face the challenges of our dynamic world.

  • General characteristics of the SIS Primary Curriculum

    • It aims to develop the whole child, not just their academic abilities
    • Encourage to develop their own unique understanding of concepts through a variety of theoretical and practical methods, rather than simply memorizing the textbook explanation
    • It is ‘child-centred’
    • Assessment is not an aim in itself, but rather a tool used to increase learning (formative) and to assess how much has been learnt (summative)

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the Primary School, we expect the students to:

    • be able to seek processes and apply knowledge
    • be morally upright and understanding and respect cultural differences
    • be willing to strive and take pride in their work
    • be independent and confident learners
    • think globally / internationally
    • communicate and present ideas clearly and coherently to specific audiences
    • work with others through teamwork
    • excel/participate in Sports and the Arts
    • be self confident