Secondary and Junior College Curriculum

  • Secondary & Junior College Curriculum

    Curriculum at Secondary School at SIS PIK

    The curriculum of SIS PIK provides students with the opportunities to take risks, ask questions, explore ideas, and develop their imaginations while engaging them through active learning and rigorous study. The environment at SIS PIK is designed to promote a love of knowledge, appreciation of disciplinary expertise, and the motivation to reach high academic and personal goals. In each division of the school, teachers build rich and inspiring learning experiences to help students participate in our changing world as future global citizens.

    SIS PIK offers an outstanding educational experience, weaving together the best of three educational traditions: Singapore, Cambridge, and the IB. A profound respect for education and a rigorous approach to learning are the foundation stones of our curriculum.

    SIS PIK makes a deep commitment to experiential learning. This concept of learning-by-doing, both in the classroom and outside it, allows students to further their understanding of questions relevant to their everyday lives. Students at SIS PIK have many opportunities for experiential learning during our Learning Journeys. These Journeys extend the boundaries and experiences of learning from the classroom to the world. SIS PIK believes strongly that effective learning engages students and instills in them a love for active exploration of concepts that have relevance and purpose in their lives. Critical thinking and collaboration are at the heart of this kind of educational experience, and lead – as research demonstrates—to higher retention of knowledge and improved academic performance.

    Lower Secondary

    Secondary 1 and 2 uses two (2) curriculums. The first is Singapore-based and the second is Cambridge-based. The subjects that are using Singapore style curriculum are:

    • Geography
    • History
    • Literature
    • Mathematics

    English and Science are using Cambridge curriculum so that Secondary 1 students are prepared for Secondary Checkpoint examinations when they are in Secondary 2. Chinese Language is using a hybrid of Singapore and Cambridge curriculums, while ICT is a simplified version of upper Secondary ICT.

    Upper Secondary

    Secondary 3 and 4 uses the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. A two-year program, students are exposed to IGCSE during Secondary 3 and where they are prepared by teachers to sit for their examinations during Secondary 4. Students can choose between two (2) streams: Business and Science.

    The subjects offered in Upper Secondary are grouped in five (5) subject groupings. Students enroll in eight (8) subjects across the five groupings. They are:

    Group 1 – Languages

    English as a Second Language/First Language English

    Mandarin/Chinese as a Second Language

    Bahasa Indonesia

    Group 2 – Humanities

    Economics, Geography

    Group 3 – Sciences

    Biology, Chemistry, Physics

    Group 4 – Mathematics

    Additional Mathematics, Extended Mathematics

    Group 5 –Creative, Technical, Vocational

    Accounting, Business Studies, Enterprise, Information and Communication Technology 

    Junior College

    IB Diploma Program in JC1

    SIS PIK is authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program. Our course offerings enrich students’ critical understanding, expressive creativity, and reasoned actions in their world. The IB Diploma Program offers a world-class preparation for university and is well recognized and highly rated by post-secondary institutions and systems around the world. Upon graduation, students will be able to approach the world effectively with multiple perspectives and rich, interdisciplinary understanding.

    In JC1, students can choose courses in the following IBDP subjects (this list undergoes annual revision based on student demand):

    Studies in Language and Literature

    • English A: language and literature
    • Indonesian A: language and literature

    Language Acquisition

    • Chinese B
    • Indonesian B
    • English B

    Individuals and Societies

    • Business Management
    • Economics
    • Information Systems in a Global Society

    Experimental Sciences

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics


    • Mathematical Studies
    • Mathematics Standard Level
    • Mathematics Higher Level

    Online Options through Pamoja Education are possible for IB Diploma courses not offered at SIS PIK.

    All IB Diploma students take an additional course, Theory of Knowledge, in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge and on how we know what we claim to know. In addition, students write an Extended Essay (EE), which is an independent, self-directed piece of research that culminates in a 4,000-word paper based on a subject and topic of their choice. They also engage in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), over the two years. This involves a collaborative project as well as individual achievement in varied domains.