Olympics - an unbreakable bond between SIS schools

June 04, 2018

Olympics – an unbreakable bond between SIS schools


By Pamela Emanuelle

The Olympics started as games held in ancient times on the plain of Olympia in Greece every four years. It was a time for laying aside political and religious differences, as athletes from all the Greek cities and districts competed.

Similarly, many students coming from the different branches of our wonderful school – Singapore School – come together to set aside their many differences and to celebrate the variety of talents found across all of SIS. It is the time when students showcase the blood, sweat and tears poured into the effort of winning gold medals.

It is extremely heartwarming to see the pride shining in the eyes of students as they hold up the trophies and medals awarded to them. Their faces glowed with a happiness that encompassed a year of hard work and perseverance. As a SISPIK student, I was extremely proud of the smooth flow of the events. The teamwork of the staff, students and teachers is truly what allowed the school to accomplish running the Olympics, which is no easy feat.

Personally, my favourite part of the whole experience is the sportsmanship shown in the games held during the Olympics. During basketball, I see strangers offering a hand to fallen players. In Volleyball, I see opponents clap hands for those who made an effort to save the ball. When I watched the runners sprint, I was touched to see students from all schools cheer for the runner who was struggling to make it to the finish line. The Olympics is not only about winning, it is about trying our best and ensuring that we appreciate those who also gave it their all.

Another special thing about the Olympics is that this event does not only celebrate sports and athletic abilities, it also celebrates a variety of other activities, such as E-sports. With the continuous development of the world around us, I am glad to see that the school is also keeping up with the changes, allowing the students to be more in tune with what the world has to offer. I am also extremely impressed with the chess teams. This strategy board game allows students to stimulate their brains, which is exactly what schools want students to do. Most matches were intense but it is great to see the students shake hands with amused smiles on their faces after every game.

Olympics is truly a fabulous event that celebrates all the good things life has to offer. It brings students together despite differences in opinions and talents. It helps students find confidence in their own abilities, as well as the abilities of their teammates. It builds trust and communication. It teaches things that cannot be taught in the classroom.

I hope that the Olympics will continue to be a positive event that students will continue to enjoy and participate in, and I also hope that everyone sees the Olympics for what it really is: a bond that connects us all as one human race.


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