June 04, 2018



By Eisen Tan

On the 4th to 7th of April 2018, the annual SIS Olympics celebration was held once again as students from across many different SIS schools around Jakarta gathered in our lovely home school: Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk. Students of every age group competed enthusiastically in a variety of sports, including but not limited to basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton, table tennis and field events. Hundreds of student athletes and passionate young children from all the SIS schools participated in this competition with high spirits and displayed fabulous sportsmanship towards fellow students, a behavior which most definitely deserves praise.

The tournament began on Wednesday, 4th of April, with a fantastic opening ceremony held in SISPIK, this year’s host school. Students performed a medley of stages, which brought about loud applause and cheers from the audience. The dance was orchestrated by SISPIK students and teachers alike, with each party having an equal part in making the opening ceremony a wonderful success. The orchestra and percussion team, angklung players and choir, as well as the primary and secondary dancers all did a wonderful job in starting off the Olympics with a bang.

Following the opening ceremony, the anticipated games finally commenced. While table tennis and badminton were held in SISPIK, soccer alone was held in SIS Kelapa Gading’s field. Fortunately, players gathered in their respective venues right on time, ready to compete to the best of their ability, so the games flowed smoothly without delay. When I watched the table tennis matches, it was evident that each and every athlete trained hard for this event. From personal experience, I can say that competition was surely not easy, as people representing their respective schools were determined to win and anxious to prove their worth. Despite the competitive atmosphere, students remained friendly with each other and many left with not just medals, but new friends and great memories as well.

On the second day of the SIS Olympics, athletes participated in three sports: volleyball, swimming and field events. On this day, students were once again able to showcase their great skills and talent in different sports. Even though I didn’t take part in any of this day’s competitions, I had the opportunity to watch exciting volleyball matches in our school’s multi-purpose hall. The atmosphere was extremely intense, with players nervously practicing for their matches. At the end, however, many emerged victorious, bringing home large trophies and shining gold medals that were showcased proudly around their necks.

The next day, three sports were held in SISPIK. Players that competed in chess, e-sports and basketball gathered early to practice and to make sure they were fully prepared. Basketball lasted all the way until 8:00PM, but athletes showed no signs of exhaustion when they stood on the awarding podium clutching their hard-earned medals, pleased smiles on their faces.

On the fourth and final day, the closing ceremony and track and field events were held in GOR Cendrawasih stadium. Hundreds of supporters and athletes from each school attended this event, creating a lively atmosphere even from the early morning. The running competitions were absolutely the highlight of the day, though, with students of all ages running faster than lightning to reach the finish line first. The SIS Olympics is definitely one of the most memorable experiences that I always eagerly anticipate every year.


Olympics – an unbreakable bond between SIS schools