Our Story

  • Educational Philosophy

    SIS-PIK is an extraordinary school like no other, with a passion for Indonesian cultural pride and identity, with a unique vision of combining the best of three educational traditions; Singaporean, Cambridge and the International Baccalaureate (IB). 


    At the beginning of each academic year, I take the time to ponder; as a school – what are our strengths, and how can we use them to improve. SIS-PIK is a special place that sits at the intersection of different learning traditions. Cambridge and the IB seek to develop inquiry, curiosity, open mindedness  and creativity. Whereas, the Singaporean curriculum encourages a set of personal moral virtues such as resolve, diligence, perseverance and humility. SIS-PIK is unique in combining these learning traditions to create something truly special.


    As we strive to be a better school, I wonder what “success” truely looks like for our kids. It’s been heartwarming for me to listen to educators at our school, across divisions and departments, who are wanting to find ways to celebrate students in so many ways beyond just academic achievement. Academic success is only one important part of what makes up a successful student,  a great school demands more than that. 


    Students must be great learners, but also taking steps to pursue their passions, developing leadership, sportsmanship and an understanding of fair play. They need to be a good friend, empathetic, honest and caring to others. All of us make mistakes, and excellent students use mistakes as a launching pad to learn. They understand that effort, perseverance and grit holds the key to success. It is ultimately, our responsibility as adults to celebrate these successes with each individual student as often as we can. I believe that powerful learning happens when children feel safe, happy and loved.


    Each morning as I watch our parents huddle with their children for a last few seconds before sending them off through the flat barriers teachers, I am very much struck by the uniqueness that is SIS-PIK. We care as much about developing character, diligence and humility as we do academic excellence. We are a community that cares about the children in our charge, challenging them to be better each day. Indeed we aspire to empower our students to Greater Heights. Thank you to our parents for being partners with us in this journey. Together, we can make it happen.