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In today’s technology-driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for the future. We live in exciting times; over the next 10 years technology will transform every job and in every industry. We want our students to be at the cutting edge of those changes. This year, we have an opportunity to introduce Robotics for Primary and Secondary level. Robotics in SIS-PIK provides problem solving and project based learning experience.  

Our first step to introduce Robotics to our P3, P5 and Sec 1 IT classrooms. The focus of our first year is to teach the technical aspects of robotics. We aim to teach students how to assemble simple robots and basic programming principles. This will give our students a strong skill base to grow and build their knowledge.

Next, we will push our Robotics program even further. We will offer Robotics in P3, P4, P5, Sec 1 and Sec 2. In the second year of our program, we want to move students beyond skill building. Over time, robotics, programming languages will change. Our goal is not to teach students how to assemble robots or coding. Our goal is far more reaching than that. We need to train our students to think – so that as robots and languages change – they can adapt, or even drive those changes. We want them to be future leaders and game changers. Our ultimate goal is to teach children how to think: we need them to adopt sequential, logical thinking.

At Academic year 2019/2020, a SIS-PIK exploratory team traveled to China to uncover the path of many schools who are making groundbreaking progress in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We wanted to learn their secrets. What could we bring back to Indonesia? How can we grow an exciting an innovative robotics program at SIS-PIK. It was incredibly exciting to see what is happening with the experts on the ground in China.  

In China, robotics classes tend to focus on a progressive pedagogy, where students are encouraged to explore, experiment and experience successes and failures. Students are encouraged to try a range of different types of robotics and learn different coding languages. The key is to help students understand they must be flexible, and adapt to changes easily.

As we grow our robotics program at SIS-PIK, we aspire to be a leader in Jakarta for developing curriculum in Artificial Intelligence. We must prepare our students for an uncertain future. As computers become more sophisticated, and robots become more agile, it is estimated that over time 45% of jobs will disappear, and even more importantly, technology will transform every job and in every industry.  We want our students to be at the cutting edge of those changes.  

Our aspiration is a grand one: we want our students to be confident to use computers, robots and AI as a tool to solve future problems. The most exciting part is that we are already making important steps to get there. We have developed a collaboration with UBTECH Robotics, and host the National Competition. We want our students to be future leaders of transformational change in our world. Towards Greater Heights!


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