Exploring the Foothills: Preschool @ SIS-PIK

In Preschool, students explore new ideas, discover new concepts and develop new skills.  Our Singapore based curriculum creates learning experiences where students are excited to learn.

SIS-PIK makes a deep commitment to experiential learning. This concept of learning-by-doing, both in the classroom and outside it, allows students to further their understanding of questions relevant to their everyday lives. We believe effective learning engages students and instills in them a love for active exploration of concepts that have relevance and purpose in their lives. Critical thinking and collaboration are at the heart of this kind of educational experience, and lead – as research demonstrates—to higher retention of knowledge and improved academic performance. 

Discover what makes our program special.


N1 is an important year of learning to be part of a community; learning to share, learning to wait for their turn and learning how to work with others.  N1 is a time for children to gain confidence, and develop the focus essential for learning.  In these pictures, you can see our youngest community in school explore their very first water play. Fun activities such as water play engage children, and make them excited to learn. Water Play gives many opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills across age ranges. Children will increase their water confidence and hand-eye coordination through actions like splashing, squirting, stirring and squeezing. Water play also releases energy, it can be both invigorating and calming for young children.


In N2, the children continue with their personal development, learning about friendships and safe play.  It is also the time to perfect their fine motor skills for writing.  All learning activities in N2 are carefully crafted to create community as well as develop academic skills.  For example, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship and joy of family in our lives. The Nursery 2 children explore their feelings and identify kindness and care by creating an art piece for their family. They made “Valentine’s Day Heart Cards” for their parents as their special gift to let Mum and Dad know how precious they are.


In K1, children start to explore their world through experimentation and hands on activities.  Children start to develop the skills essential for learning, and develop understanding of important concepts such as transpiration.  In these pictures, the K1 children explore the transpiration process by using a cabbage leaf, water and food colouring. Plants absorb water through their roots where the water travels up tubes in the stems to all parts of the plants. The food colouring illustrates how nutrients are delivered to all parts of the plant. Learning about plants has never been more fun!


In K2, students build on their knowledge and skills from K1 to develop a strong understanding of concepts essential for success in P1.  Children build their understanding through challenging tasks, that are both fun and academically rigorous.  Measurement is an important unit and K2 students really enjoy the experiential activities by which they discover the concept of units, length and weight.  The children start with lots of hands-on, concrete learning activities. Children can choose to measure any classroom object they like. The purpose is for them to learn how to measure using non-standard units: from the very beginning to the very end, measure in a straight line without overlapping, measure end to end, without leaving any gaps and use the same size units.  The activity introduces measuring with non-standard or informal units. It is essential that the children get lots of practice using non-standard units of measurement before they move on to standard units, like inches and centimeters. 

In Preschool students develop the foundation essential for success in Primary.

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