Following the Trail: Primary @ SIS-PIK

In Primary, our Singapore based curriculum gives a framework for academic rigor and success.  Learning experiences are carefully crafted to inspire a thirst for knowledge, and a drive to learn more. 

At SIS-PIK we are constanting thinking about how we can improve and move to Greater Heights. Learning is most meaningful when it is anchored in “real-life” opportunities as part of their school experience. Things like community based service learning trips, learning journeys and experiential field trips, where students can get out into the world as young people to not only affect some positive change, but to gain some rich life experience as well. We hope these experiences will help uncover a passion or a spark to give added purpose, focus and meaning in their lives. We stretch learning beyond the walls of the classroom and the school. 



As part of our P1 studies on space and exploration, our students visit the educational recreation theme park in Taman Mini Skyworld Indonesia. Students experience a one-day virtual exploration of space. They enjoy a world beyond the pages of the textbook as they explore space themed attractions including miniature rockets.  The highlight is the spectacular digital planetarium, where students get as close as possible to experience space. 


In P2 children learn about order, processes, and past and future.  To allow the children to step of the textbook, the children see a real-life production line at the Cileungsi doll factory. They observed the whole process from the raw materials, to design, and the cutting and stitching process. Finally, the students saw workers create the eyes and noses, even observed the painting process. Looking at a production process in real life really children understand the importance or order and “before and after.”


In P3 students are ready to build upon their knowledge and order and process to see a more sophisticated production process.  Students go to Cimory to learn about extracting, processing, and preparing milk and its byproducts to make cheese and yogurt. Students observe the whole production process right from the beginning, and even visit a cow barn to see the cow milking process up close.


In Primary 4 the children start to learn basic Physics concepts.  This can be quite challenging as some of these concepts such as sound can be very abstract.  To help students gain a strong foundation of Scientific knowledge, P4s visit Pusat Peragaan IPTEK (Indonesia Science Centre), a large educational science and technology museum. Students have a chance to experience a range of different hands-on activities to help them gain a fundamental understanding of electricity, sound waves, light, and air pressure. 


As the students get older, they are introduced to more sophisticated concepts such as conservation and the environment.  We wish out students to appreciate the beauty of Indonesia, and understand our obligation to protect it.  In P5, students visit Camp Hulu Cai, in Cibedug Ciawi Bogor. Students were welcomed by the breathtaking scenery as they explore nature. They are encouraged to appreciate and catalogue Indonesia’s natural resources. Especially the importance of balance in our natural environment, as they learn the proper way to plant and harvest cassavas. 


In P6, students are encouraged to connect with Indonesia.  We want them to be passionate future leaders, filled with love for their country. P6 students are encouraged to experience the culture of Indonesia through the wonderful art of batik-making from start to finish. 


Each year, our Primary host Show and Tell in both English and Mandarin. It is very special to see our youngest Primary children perform in front of a very supportive audience of parents and teachers. The program develops children’s creative expressions, confidence and self-esteem. The performances are always wonderful, and it is touching to see the children incredibly proud as they demonstrate their learning. 


Each year our P2 proudly hold their annual Mini Bazaar.  The Bazaar empowers our students to help others, and give their hearts.  Every year the students do an exceptional job to plan and organize the charity sales event. Each class hosts stalls and sells drinks, food, stationery, games and even second-hand items in a “garage” sale. All the money raised is donated to local charities. 

Our children are always incredibly proud of their efforts, and the feeling of giving back to their community.

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