Reaching the SIS Peak @JC

What is the SIS PEAK?

The SIS PEAK advantage is a Junior College programme that is carefully crafted to give students access to their best-fit University.  Students need more than strong grades to attend Harvard, Stanford, Oxford or Cambridge. They must demonstrate character, tenacity, leadership and commitment to community. Our JC program engages, inspires and empowers students to attain all the attributes desired by the best Universities. 

A Gold Standard Education

SIS-PIK offers a unique combination of the IB Diploma Programme and BTEC.  We offer a world-class Junior College program, specifically tailored to help students access the best Universities.  

What is the IB?  The IB is well-recognized and highly rated by Colleges and Universities around the world.  It is a rigorous course culminating in a set of examinations at the end of JC.

How Do Universities Feel About BTEC?

Universities have learned that BTEC are a great alternative to A-Levels, and very few      institutions won’t consider BTEC students as candidates.  Even Oxford & Cambridge include BTEC as part of their overall course requirements, although usually alongside other qualifications. BTEC are also awarded with the same UCAS points as A levels and IB subjects, hence no issues with getting into universities.  BTEC promote independent learning and critical problem solving. All students end up with a portfolio of evidence which is useful for entrance to university or the world of work.

What is the SIS PEAK advantage?


We Engage

we create learning experiences that make students excited to learn

Our students earn outstanding IB results and gain entry to the world’s top universities through a structured program designed to allow students to excel.


We Inspire

we create learning experiences that make students want to learn more

At SIS-PIK, students reach out to the community to not only affect some positive change, but to gain some rich life experience as well. These experiences often help uncover a passion or a spark to give added purpose, focus and meaning in their lives. At SIS-PIK we stretch learning beyond the walls of the classroom and the school. 


We Empower

we develop learners who create their own learning experiences

Students need to belong to a school who believes in them and empowers them to discover and follow their dreams. They need teachers who see beyond grades and unlock the potential of every student. We are a school who cares about them as individuals and inspires them to grow. The best schools, and the best teachers are those who nurture and educate the whole child.

IB Subjects

Studies in Language and Literature

  • English A: Language and Literature
  • Indonesian A: Language and Literature

Language Acquisition

  • Chinese B
  • Indonesian B
  • English B

Individuals and Societies

  • Business Management
  • Economics

Experimental Sciences

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science


  • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations
  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches


  • Film

BTEC  Subjects

Applied Science:

In the first year, Students undertake 2 units: Principles of Biology; Principles of Chemistry, and; Principles of Physics. All students can undertake this course even if they haven’t taken the subject at IGCSE. These principles are explored through real-life experiments and assignments. In year two, they can specialise in 1 science, taking specific modules such as Biomedical Science or Astronomy and Space Science.

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

In the first year, students undertake two modules – Researching and Planning a Marketing Campaign and Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (where they study enterprise and the mindset of entrepreneurs, exploring the risks, opportunities and constraints of starting an enterprise). In the second year, they take modules in Business finance and Launching a Business Enterprise, where they undertake a real-life simulation of the skills required to set up in business.

Creative Media

Over two years, students explore technical skills relating to areas such as film, television, video, animation and motion graphics and visual graphics and sound. They then put these skills into practice with an assignment brief where they create product for a client. 


Set Your Gaze To The Best Universities

Discover what makes our program special.

Our JC program inspires students with the desire to change the world, and help them build the skills to make those changes happen. According to author Dr Wagner, students must start with passion. The journey of innovative leadership begins with play, the activities young people find most fun, engaging, even whimsical, and then advances into an energizing and motivating passion, finally flowering as a deep and abiding purpose. The path to success lies in students creating their own personal journey of play to passion to purpose.

Our Junior College program is the SIS Peak of our school. We are a school proud to stretch beyond our academic program. We are a school that gives students opportunities to explore their passions beyond the classroom, and encourages students to grow from play to passion to purpose.  We provide inspiration for SIS-PIK students to be the best they can be.  

These are the seeds by which we can grow our scholars who will change the world.

Co-curricular Activities

We enjoy a vibrant co-curricular ethos at SIS-PIK. Students can explore their passions through digital art, music production, or sports.  We celebrate enjoyment, breadth of participation and excellence.  Through our CCA program, students understand excellent sportsmanship and the notion of fair play.  Our goal is effort, improvement, personal achievement and the grace of enjoying a hard-earned win.

SIS-PIK Model United Nations

We empower students to be future leaders and game changers through our innovative programs like the SIS-PIK MUN.  Completely driven by the students, the SIS-PIK MUN serves as a platform to explore innovation, collaboration and leadership.

SIS-PIK MUN –  Building tomorrow’s leaders today.

The World Scholar’s Cup

Each year, SIS-PIK students are invited to challenge themselves against the greatest minds in general knowledge, debate and creative writing.  Students are encouraged to take it all the way to Yale University each year.

SISwa Peduli Bangsa

Community Service is part of our identity at SIS-PIK. It teaches our students to look beyond themselves, and develop the capacity for empathy and compassion. In February 2017, SIS-PIK students founded SISwa Peduli Bangsa (SISwa Cares), a legally independent charity foundation to provide transparency and accountability to our philanthropic practices.  SISwa Peduli Bangsa aspires to improve access to education across Indonesia, and to improve the well-being of children in rural areas by equipping communities with school buildings and libraries etc. 


The highlight of the school calendar each year is the SIS-PIK Cup; an 8 day event involving over 20 schools, and 300 athletes. Founded by students, the SIS-PIK Cup represents the organisational talents and leadership abilities of our Junior College students.  

College Counselling

SIS-PIK provides one-to-one college counselling and University application support. Our goal is to help students access their best-fit University. At SIS-PIK we provide a pathway for all students to reach Greater Heights.  From N1 to JC2, our students are nurtured to develop academic excellence, leadership and a culture of kindness and care.  As your child moves through SIS-PIK towards Greater Heights and the SIS-PEAK, they will grow and develop to be the best they can be.  Get on the pathway for a holistic education taking your child from Preschool to University entrance.

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