Welcome to the Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk Campus.

I hope that you discover the warmth and vibrancy of our community and the depth and excitement of our program as you visit our website. We are proud to offer you, and our wonderful community, an outstanding educational environment–a place where great minds grow towards greater heights.

Our school culture centers on a deep and resonant definition of learning. Our academic program builds foundational and critical thinking skills, but is also structured to help our students discover optimal ways to express themselves and excel. We are devoted to tapping into our students’ imaginations so they may discover their unique talents and grow in countless ways. We pay attention to each child and create an environment where each student can thrive as an individual and a valued member of a community.

The curriculum of SIS-PIK provides students with the opportunities to take risks, ask questions, explore ideas, and develop their imaginations while engaging them through active learning and rigorous study. The environment at SIS-PIK is designed to promote a love of knowledge, appreciation of disciplinary expertise, and the motivation to reach high academic and personal objectives. In each division of the school, teachers build rich and inspiring learning experiences to help students participate in our changing world as future global citizens.

SIS-PIK offers a most unusual educational experience, weaving together the best of three educational traditions: Singapore, Cambridge, and the IB. A profound respect for education and a rigorous approach to learning are the foundation stones of our curriculum.

SIS-PIK makes a deep commitment to experiential learning. This concept of learning-by-doing, both in the classroom and outside it, allows students to further their understanding of questions relevant to their everyday lives. Students at SIS-PIK have many opportunities for experiential learning during our Learning Journeys. These journeys extend the boundaries and experiences of learning from the classroom to the world. SIS-PIK believes strongly that effective learning engages students and instills in them a love for active exploration of concepts that have relevance and purpose in their lives. Critical thinking and collaboration are at the heart of this kind of educational experience, and lead – as research demonstrates—to higher retention of knowledge and improved academic performance.

We encourage students to explore the road less traveled, to ask difficult and thoughtful questions, to take intellectual and creative risks, and to dare to dream. We want our students to live the credo: All things are possible.

We believe each child brings an “extraordinary gift” to our community. We cherish our students’ curious minds and embrace every opportunity to help them flourish emotionally and intellectually, now and in the future.

I warmly welcome you to SIS-PIK, and our caring community.

Ms Jen

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