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Welcome from Mr Gareth

I am delighted to introduce you to SIS-PIK High School, a successful and innovative place of learning where students feel safe and enjoy their educational journey. We consider every student individually and ensure that our students have the qualifications, lifelo​​ng learning skills, confidence and cultural awareness to be successful in any career path they wish once reaching our ‘SIS Peak’ in Grade 12. 

We develop expert teachers who are caring, well-qualified and regularly engaged in the most up-to-date educational research. 

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures both academic success and the necessary skills to be successful at the best universities and beyond.

We believe in a growth mindset, recognising that we learn from challenges and can all find ways to achieve success.

We provide personalised support and guidance from Grade 7 until Grade 12 to assist every student along their learning journey.

We provide leadership opportunities, expert career advice and a stimulating, dynamic learning environment where all students feel happy and supported.

Every day is a wonderful day in our High School and I am exceptionally proud of our community of teachers, students and parents who make this happen.

Our Curriculum

Our unique SIS-PIK High School curriculum is a well-rounded programme of academic and non-academic opportunities designed to ensure all of our students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their full potential. Our curriculum design is based on robust research providing an equal emphasis on three domains of purpose:

  1. Knowledge and Skills – ensuring our students gain the knowledge and skills required for a 21st century future through the IBDP, IGCSE & vocational BTEC courses, the SIS-PIK Enterprise Curriculum, our Artificial Intelligence Curriculum and Life Skills.
  2. Self Identification – ensuring our students develop the values and beliefs to be successful autonomous learners with a focus on a ‘Growth Mindset’ that builds the 4Rs of Resourcefulness, Reciprocity, Resilience, Reflection whilst valuing Innovation, Integrity and Inclusivity.
  3. Socialisation – ensuring our students actively understand and are participants in local and global society through regular workshops, event days, our assembly programme, national and international competitions, sporting events, house activities and our Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Programme.

Grades 7 & 8

Our students begin their journey in Junior High with a challenging and rewarding programme which is designed as the ‘base-camp’ of their journey towards the SIS ‘Peak’. We place a strong emphasis on language learning, with all students studying English, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin, and we offer specialised support for all students joining us without prior experience in any of these languages. Our curriculum is designed to build the foundational skills and knowledge for success in the 21st Century.

Chinese Mandarin (Singapore Middle School Curriculum),
English Language & Literature (Cambridge Curriculum),
Bahasa Indonesia (National Curriculum)

Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Mathematics and Computer Science
Cambridge Curriculum

Global Perspectives, Geography (Cambridge Curriculum)

Creative Arts
Art and Design, Performing Arts

Business and Enterprise and our future-ready Unique SIS-PIK Curriculum

  • Computational Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Careers and Life Skills
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Grades 9 & 10

We are the only school in Jakarta offering an internationally recognised package of both IGCSE and BTEC subjects at Grade 9.

IGCSE: Cambridge International programmes providing both breadth and depth of knowledge and skills:
Languages: First Language English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Language Mandarin, Chinese as a Second Language, Bahasa Indonesia
Humanities: Global Perspectives, Geography, English Literature
Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science
Mathematics: Extended Mathematics, Additional Mathematics
Professional, Vocational and Creative Subjects: Accounting, Business Studies, Music

BTEC Pearson International Programmes with a business focus:
BTEC Creative Media Production
BTEC Business
BTEC Engineering

Grade 10 Programme

For students without prior experience of IGCSE who are joining us from other schools in Grade 10, we provide a well-rounded programme of IGCSEs and BTECs which students can complete within one year, enabling them to successfully continue on to our Senior High Grades 11 and 12 programmes. 

Grades 11 & 12

We offer a wide range of pathways for our Grade 11 and 12 students to meet everyone’s interests and career aspirations. Our IBDP programme is one of the most successful in the world, with our results in the top 3% globally for Value Added and consistently above the world average. 

Pathway 1: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
(Students choose to study six of a list of seventeen traditional subject options available)

Pathway 2: Practical Business Programme
(Students choose three practical business programmes from a choice of five BTEC options)

Pathway 3: Theoretical Business Programme
(Students complete a bespoke Business focussed IBDP programme)

Pathway 4: Hybrid Programme
(Students complete a range of IB courses and BTEC programmes of their choice)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
The IBDP is an internationally recognised programme, accepted by the best universities around the world. The IBDP develops students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge, flourish physically, intellectually and ethically, can speak at least two languages, excel in traditional subjects and explore critical thinking through the programme’s unique Theory of Knowledge course.

Subjects we offer: English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Business Management, Psychology, Maths: Applications & Interpretations, Maths: Analysis & Approaches and Film.

Business Technology & Enterprise Council Diplomas (BTEC)
BTEC qualifications are also an excellent stepping stone to many university courses. In the UK, over 100,000 students go to university each year with a BTEC qualification and over 240 universities worldwide accept them. BTECs have no examinations; they require students to show their skills in a business-like environment throughout the 2 years of the course. 

Our BTEC programmes are vocational, practical courses designed for students with a career interest related to the world of business.

BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
BTEC Creative Media Production
BTEC Applied Science
BTEC Sport
BTEC ESports
BTEC Arts and Design

Students in our Grade 11 are also offered a wide range of leadership opportunities and experiences which will secure them with a strong application for world class universities.

Leadership: Harvard Crimson Scholar Programme, Student Council, CAS Projects
College Counselling: Weekly careers class and university counsellor meetings
SIS Peak Week: University Fair and Careers Guidance
Pre-U: University Preparation Programme: Skills focussed support for university

Peak Scholars Award
Gold, Silver and Bronze Award recognising academic engagement, leadership, community contribution and academic/business portfolio

I am very proud of the well-rounded, academic and pastoral provision of our High School at SIS-PIK, the happy and supportive day-to-day school experience and above all our entire community of curious, confident and committed teachers and children. We truly believe that SIS-PIK offers the very best launch-pad for students to reach their maximum potential.

Mr Gareth

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