Meet our Preschool and Primary Deputy Head Teacher

Message from Ms. Junaida Aziz

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,”

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Welcome to Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk Preschool and Primary Department! 

I am so honoured to join the SIS-PIK family this academic year as the new Deputy Head Teacher for Preschool and Primary School. Look forward to excitement as we continue our tradition in providing a world-class education to our little ones as they build a strong foundation for themselves and the community around them in preparation for a future of innovation and promise. 

My Teaching Philosophy

With every batch of students that passes us through our school, the world’s demands on these students change. I firmly believe that every child has the right to learn and be developed in the best way that they can. Some might excel academically, while some find themselves at home in the arts or music. A school provides a safe and caring community where each child can be free to experiment, grow and speak their mind. Together with my team of teachers, we will collaborate with one another – teachers, school leaders, parents, and the community to ensure every child receives the best education.

Becoming Future-Ready

As we explore the foothills of SIS-PIK, our students in Preschool will find themselves on a journey of exploration filled with wonder and excitement together with dedicated teachers invested in their learning. Our curriculum has been designed to inspire and instill a love of learning in our pre-schoolers through experiences and thoughtfully designed lessons. In addition, we aim to ignite a natural curiosity about the environment in these young minds and build a strong foundation in language, numeracy while developing psychomotor and socio-emotional skills in each and every child. 

Our Primary School students become trailblazers as they continue their climb towards the peak. In following the trail, our students are exposed to the rigour that the Singapore Primary curriculum offers. Deep-rooted in developing critical and creative thinking skills, primary school students are challenged to extend their thinking and apply concepts to a multitude of situations. The Singapore Primary curriculum builds resilience and motivates each student to find solutions through various methods while demonstrating empathy for others. 

In both the Preschool and Primary curriculum, a key factor is innovation. Our students need to be prepared for an unknown future that is already here. 

How can I adapt to the situation? 
What tools do I have that will give me an edge in this world? 
How can I collaborate so that I can achieve greatness together with others for community good? 

Through our programmes, our students learn to innovate using various skill sets and thinking approaches to be future-ready. 

They are, after all, our future and as educators, this is our gift of learning to them. 

Ms. Junaida Aziz
Preschool & Primary Deputy Head Teacher

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