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For my CAS project, I am co-leading Seni Bumi, which is a student-led non-profit organization which aims to spread global awareness through arts. In our case, we are raising funds by selling our merchandise T-shirts which would be used to fund art supplies to unprivileged schools and teach the kids more about art and to go green. I am also working on making an Eco-Social Design Exhibition (ESDX) which would be taking place this August. This exhibition would feature students from all around Jakarta, sharing their artwork/art pieces – paintings, make-up, dancing, singing, or photography.”

“For my CAS experiences, particularly in the Creative strand, I am currently doing photography outside of school. I like to take pictures of Jakarta’s environment, as well as other countries when the school is on break. It is interesting to see how others put their thoughts and ideas to art and this is one of the branches of art. Every week, I would post something on my photography account on Instagram (@fotoalamarj)  to give my followers a glimpse of adventures and explorations whenever I go somewhere. Fortunately, one of my works was noticed and exhibited at the University of Indonesia. It was an honour to be acknowledged by one of the few famous Indonesian artists.

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“This academic year, I joined the dance team for the upcoming school musical. Before, I am not one to join this type of activities as I am not very good at the arts. In the beginning, it was pretty hard for me to follow the dance moves because I skipped several sessions. All the other girls had already practiced the moves for several weeks and have perfected them. When I first attended the dance session, I feel so lost that I had to ask the dance teacher to personally teach me. At first it was only one dance. However, it seemed so enjoyable and fun that I ended up  in a total of three dance numbers. Being a part of the dance group for the musical has taught me perseverance, teamwork, and most importantly creativity. I performed for the first time with my dance team during the Charity Concert hosted by our school. I was so proud because we were able to perform in front of an audience really well.”

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“For our CAS Project, we chose to go to Bali to start our EDUSHARE PROJECT with our fellow JC1 students and friends, He Wenhuang, Vincent Rumampouw and Philippe Nazareth Tarigan. We went to SLB Negeri 1 Karangasem to teach students with varied learning disabilities. We taught basic English and Maths. Aside from that, we have donated the books we have collected over a period of one month from the SIS-PIK community through our EDUSHARE program. Part of this project is also addressing environmental issues that are most prevalent in coastal areas – trash! We have engaged in a beach cleaning and interviewed the community members about their views regarding this problem and how they can help solve it. Much of our learning from this trip comes from an understanding of the capabilities of the people that are less privileged in life and education. We realised that despite their condition, they have a passion to learn and be a functional member of the community. Regarding environmental concern, most people, even with the availability of trash bins, are still unaware of the effects of throwing their household rubbish in improper areas. But we are happy to note that there are some concerned individuals in the community who care about the environment. The planning and organising of this trip enabled us to develop personal skills in communication, coordination and collaboration. Big thanks to Mr Edgar for supervising us in this project.”

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One of my most memorable services is teaching disabled kids in Sekolah Bhakti Luhur Kasih Abba in Bogor. We visit the school every Saturday from 8:00 – 10:00 am and volunteered to teach them as well as enjoy some activities. There are students of different ages ranging from toddlers to seniors. Each of them suffer from different abilities such as down syndrome, blindness, deafness, mute, a slow ability to learn, polio and many more. Despite all this, each and every one of them have very high spirits. Every visit is full of fun, all the students there are very cheerful and enthusiastic of what we have to give. In my class, we do arts and crafts from recycled materials such as plastic wrappers and turn them into decorations for the school. I enjoyed my time with them, from chatting, singing and learning sign language. The excitement they show is the reason why I enjoy helping them out. I learnt a lot from this experience, from being patient, adjusting to other people’s need and learning a few basic sign language. However, as cheesy as it sounds, what stuck most to me is being grateful for everything that I already have. These students taught me to be optimistic and cheerful even through my toughest days! I feel like we were able to learn from each other and have lots of fun, which is something very precious to me. 

Please see Kent’s story below.

Among the CAS strands, I enjoy activity the most. For activity, I joined the basketball team in my school and a basketball club in Jakarta. In the school’s basketball team, I trained three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). We joined a lot of competitions and won 3rd place in the Penabur Cup, which was participated in by 20 schools in Jakarta. Because of the skills I have developed in the SIS-PIK varsity team, I was contracted by Musang, a basketball club based in North Jakarta. Now I have leveled up the competition arena through Perbasi (Persatuan Basket Indonesia) playing for the North Jakarta community. 

With all these basketball competition and training, I improved my basketball skills quite a lot particularly in handling and passing. I have learned how to work effectively with a team and gained leadership skills as well. I have become more confident in every game I play.

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