Basecamp and The Climb @ Secondary

In Secondary, we aim to empower students to be the best they can be.  In Secondary, students complete the Cambridge Checkpoint in Sec 2, and complete the IGCSE by the end of Sec 4.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” – Henry David Thoreau

This quote has inspired many to be confident to pursue their dreams and goals.

We often ponder; how can schools empower students to discover and pursue their dreams?

We think our teachers are incredibly important to inspire and empower our students to do more than what was expected, such as exploring their talents and helping our students discover their dreams. 

Please see some of the activities below, designed to take students to Greater Heights.


Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.  This quote is as relevant today, as it was when it was first uttered by Confucius in around 450 BC.  Our Secondary Science department certainly takes this quote to heart when developing empowering learning experience for our students. 

Each year, Secondary students compete in a Science Fair.  At the last fair, students were required to present their solutions to the energy crisis.  Students were challenged to find a solution to our dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. How can we continue to power our planet? Ideas from our students were amazing. One team looked at paving slabs to convert energy from people’s footsteps into small amounts of electrical power. Another produced an enhanced greenhouse, that increased the interior temperature significantly. The ideas were so creative and well-thought out. Each class developed a working model of sustainable energy.  

Read about our incredible winners below:

Lower Secondary: Secondary 2B. The team demonstrated a way to extract energy from algae oil. The model created by the students was quite incredible.

Upper Secondary: Secondary 4B.  Cap-tura. A hat-like device to extract body heat from the head which could be used as an energy source. An incredibly creative idea that captures the hearts of the judges.

Our Secondary Science teachers pass on their love and passion for Science by giving our students the opportunity to dream, create and excel. The focus on inquiry and scientific discovery encourages a love for learning.

In Secondary, students are encouraged to explore beyond the classroom, where the world and real-life experiences become their teachers.


One important theme for our Secondary 1 students is Indonesia.  We want students to be future leaders, and they can only do so with love, passion of knowledge of the history and political landscape of Indonesia.  In Sec 1, we expand the knowledge of our students by visiting Jakarta’s Iconic monument, MONAS (Monumen Nasional). Here, students learn about Indonesia’s history especially, the significance of MONAS for Indonesia. Secondly, students explore The National Museum, where students were exposed to a vast collection of Indonesia’s ancient artefacts from the Indonesia archipelago.


In Secondary 2, students augment their biological studies through the Indigenous Plants of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  Sec 2s visit the Bogor Botanical Garden which has served as a major research center for agriculture and horticulture. It is the oldest botanical garden in Southeast Asia. Students were exposed to the indigenous plants of Indonesia and Southeast Asia; to understand why they flourish in such a humid climate. During this trip, the textbook is replaced by the botanical gardens, and learning becomes alive!


In Secondary 3, learning becomes far more prescriptive as students prepare for the IGCSE.  It is even more important that students are exposed to more than exam preparation, and learning must be than surface deep.  In Sec 3, students have a chance to enhance their knowledge about Economic Growth and its Development in Indonesia with a visit to SMESCO and the Museum of Bank Indonesia


Secondary 4 is an exciting level for students. In this era and globalization and advanced technology, we want our students to be prepared to face the challenges of the future. “Soft Skills” such as critical thinking, communication, leadership and adaptability are key skills to develop in order to be ahead.  We organize a “Soft Skills Development Workshop” at Hobbit Hill Cileungsi to ensure our students are future ready. 

These types of empowering experiences are important. They help students develop the skills they need in life, and to be future leaders. We want our students to gain confidence, love learning, and develop life skills, and most importantly get the encouragement they need to continue in the direction of their dreams and interests.

Students need to belong to a school who believes in them and empower them to discover and follow their dreams. They need teachers who can see beyond grades and unlock the potential of the whole child. They also need to belong to a school who cares about them as individuals and inspire them to grow. The best schools, and the best teachers are those who nurture and educate the whole child. 

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