• Immersion

    What is Immersion Trips ?

    Well-planned two weeks trips for SIS PIK high school students to go abroad on October. These trips are either in Language and Cultural Immersion or Volunteer Service. Students are instructed based on extensive exposure to surrounding or conditions that are native or related to the learning objectives.

    What is the Program ?

    Language Program: learners are fully immersed in the targeted language for a certain period of time, both in and outside the class, and lingual skill will be taught within the native speaking environment.

    Cultural Program: Student’s minds are enlighten through participating different cultural activities abroad and be able to explore the unique culture and landscape.

    Volunteer Service Program: international mission that provide opportunities for students to learn humanities and selflessness.

    What is the purpose of having an Immersion ?

    To understand different cultural custom, practice & way of life.

    To achieve new language acquisition.

    To provide service to a cultural different community.

    To graduate asglobal citizen/cross-culturally competent individual.